Privileged Access Management


Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions offer a robust framework for securing privileged accounts (Accounts with administrator rights) and mitigating unauthorized access risks.

Why PAM Matters?

Privileged accounts, held by system administrators and IT personnel, pose significant security risks if not managed properly. A PAM solution is essential to:

  • Control Access – Enforce least privilege principles and restrict access to privileged accounts based on job roles.
  • Monitor Activity – Real-time monitoring and auditing of privileged sessions to detect and respond to suspicious behaviour.
  • Enforce Policies – Implement workflows for requesting, approving, and revoking privileged access, enhancing compliance.
  • Protect Against Insider Threats – Mitigate risks of unauthorized access and detect anomalous behaviour.
  • Enhance Compliance – Meet regulatory requirements with robust access controls and audit capabilities.

How PAM Safeguards Your Organization

  • Mitigating Insider Threats – Control and monitor privileged access to reduce unauthorized activity and data breaches.
  • Preventing Credential Theft – Securely store and rotate privileged account credentials to prevent abuse.
  • Enforcing Least Privilege – Limit access to privileged accounts, reducing the attack surface and privilege escalation risks.

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