PC and Server Monitoring


PC and server monitoring is a critical part of any IT support strategy.

By monitoring the performance of your systems, you can identify potential issues before they cause problems for your business.

Additionally, by monitoring the activity on your network, you can ensure that your data is secure and that unauthorized users do not have access to sensitive information.

In order to effectively monitor your systems, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of how they work and how they are used by your employees.

Additionally, you need to have a clear picture of your network traffic in order to identify unusual activity. By working with a qualified IT support company, you can ensure that your systems are properly monitored and that any potential issues are quickly identified and resolved.

There are two approaches to IT support, which are proactive and reactive.  As a company, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach, which is accomplished by implementing several different systems that allow us to either stop a problem from occurring or resolve it with little to no downtime.

We can provide monitoring for PCs, Servers and network equipment that can not only notify us but can in fact perform updates and fixes (both on the fly and out of hours!).

Our monitoring solutions offer the following:

  • Monitoring & Alerting – Monitor endpoints, networks, remote servers
  • Endpoint Management – Manage Windows & Mac workstations and servers
  • Network Management – Monitor and manage network devices including printers, firewalls, routers, and switches
  • Virtual Machine Management – Monitor and manage VMWare virtual machine hosts and guests.
  • IT Automation and Scripting – Automate daily tasks with on-demand, scheduled, or triggered scripts to keep endpoints up and running.
  • Patch Management – Remotely deploy and patch OS and third-party software to keep your endpoints protected.
  • Managed Antivirus – Monitor endpoint virus protection activities and keep them secure of threats.
  • Remote Access – Take control of endpoints via built-in remote access tools.
  • Asset Management – Track inventory, usage, and the health of your hardware, software, and subscriptions.
  • Reporting – Keep track of your assets, employees, and tasks, and report on outcomes.

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