Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to stay connected, whether with your clients or with your colleagues. From phones to broadband and to remote working, Virtect IT have you covered for all your connectivity needs.


VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. It is the new standard for business telecoms and allows you to make telephone calls over your internet connection without the need for expensive phone system equipment and maintenance.

This also means you can take calls at your office via a handset, but as this system is cloud based you are able to take the handset with you anywhere you can use the internet, as well as take and manage calls on a workstation, laptop and even a mobile phone using an app as if you are at the office!

We work with leading telecoms partners to ensure you are not only getting the right system but at the right price with no hidden fees.


The internet comes in many different forms of delivery to your business. This means that even if you currently struggle to get the correct speeds, there will be an option available to suit! Please see below for some of the service we can offer: –

  • ADSL/FTTC – Business grade standard broadband using copper and fibre cabling. As its business grade you receive lower contention ratios and faster response times (for both broadband speed and fault repairs)
  • FTTP – Business grade FTTP using fibre cabling direct from the exchange to your premises. Higher speeds than regular ADSL/FTTC.
  • Bonded Circuit/Broadband – Combines multiple Business broadband connections into a single large internet connection (typically used in areas where ADSL/FTTC speeds are slow/limited)
  • Wi-MAX – Wireless Business Broadband. This is the delivery of broadband via a roof mounted antenna (typically used in areas where ADSL/FTTC speeds are slow/limited)
  • Satellite Broadband – Using satellites in space to provide your broadband. Generally, only used when no other services can be reached at the location.
  • 3g/4g/5g SIM Broadband – Broadband provided via mobile network. Commonly used in pop-up locations (e.g. building sites, mobile catering, etc)
  • Leased Lines – A dedicated Business fibre circuit run directly from the exchange to your premises. Guaranteed high speeds and SLA (service level agreement) ensuring if any faults/downtime occur then it is resolved quickly and within set timeframes.

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