Why You Need a Password Management System for Enhanced Online Security


Why You Need a Password Management System for Enhanced Online Security

A password management solution is a secure way for users to store all their usernames and passwords. Not only this, it allows for the creation of more secure passwords than the ones a user might create themselves.

Elevate Your Online Security with a Password Management System


A password management system offers a secure solution for storing multiple passwords, credit card information, important documents such as birth certificates and much more.

Why Use a Password Management System?

Password management systems are an essential solution for addressing the vulnerabilities associated with password-based authentication. Here’s why they are vital:

  • The Importance of Unique and Strong Passwords – Using the same password numerous times, or using weak passwords increases the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Convenience and Efficiency – With a password management system, you only need to remember one master password to access all of your other passwords. This eliminates the need to memorise multiple passwords or resort to insecure practices like writing them down.
  • Enhanced Security Features – Most managers offer additional security features such as multi factor authentication (MFA), biometrics, and encrypted storage, which further bolsters a user’s security.
  • Sharing – Rather than relying on insecure methods such as emailing passwords, a secure one time share can be used to send a password to another person. Once opened it is locked to that device and will expire when the set time limit is reached.
  • Other records – Outside of passwords, other records such as credit cards, birth certificates along with a whole array of other sensitive information can be stored securely

How a Password Management System Keeps You Safer

By using a password management system, you can enjoy several security benefits:

  • Preventing Password Reuse – By using randomly generated passwords it makes individual accounts more secure. A single password being compromised is easy to resolve compared to having to change it in 10 places, and that’s assuming you remember them all.
  • Breaches – Password managers encrypt your stored passwords, making it near impossible to gain access to passwords should a copy of your password database be stolen.
  • Encouraging Stronger Passwords – Using strong, difficult-to-guess passwords, makes them far more difficult to brute force attack, which enhances the security of all of your password protected accounts.
  • Multiplatform – Access to passwords is achieved securely through multiple methods including Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets etc. This eliminates the need to store them in an insecure way such as a notepad or an excel spreadsheet.
  • Team shares – Shared folders can be created where permissions are assigned to users that need to share numerous passwords. Each user has their own vault, but will also see the shared folders they have been given permission to. It has the benefit of shared accounts that use MFA, where the codes can be generated in the record allowing multiple users to share an admin account, such as office 365 global admins.

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Unlock the Benefits of Password Management: Request a Demo Today!

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