Wireless Solutions with Virtec IT Support

Wireless technology has changed everything from the way we pay to the way we access the internet, and unfortunately the toilet is no longer a sanctuary where you can escape emails.  From single AP’s to mass deployments, or even building to building (point to point) links, wireless allows us to do our work from nearly anywhere whilst also giving us the freedom to stream videos of cats being scared by cucumbers from a beach in the Caribbean.

This jump forward allows remote workers to open their device and get straight on with work thanks to mobile data plans and free hotspots at coffee shops, fast food outlets and now even planes.  Sorry Tom there is no excuse for that report to be late now.

Whilst this advancement has many benefits it has also resulted in the need for improved security.  There is nothing a hacker likes more than a site with weak security and easy to guess passwords.  A way of improving security of a wireless network, other than stronger passwords and encryption methods, is by having multiple networks, which allows guest, corporate and any other network to be segregated using vlans.  This stops a guest accidentally bringing an infection to the corporate network which they were previously unaware of.  It also stops the temptation to roam around the network to see if anything can be accessed.

To see whether any improvements can be made to your wireless including security speak to our qualified ruckus engineer who can make sure you have the best solution for your needs.