IT Support with Virtec IT Solutions

As technology continues to progress at an unprecedented rate, it can feel as though IT is more like trying to lead the Brexit talks, when all you have is a Windows XP PC struck down by the wannacry.

Whether you are someone who needs a little assistance from time to time or the type of person ready to launch your PC out of the window because outlook has crashed for the 3rd time today, VIRTEC IT SOLUTIONS can help.  Our team has over 20 years of combined experience assisting customers with their IT needs, and with our 24-hour support if you’re working, then we’re working.

Our driving force is to provide a tailored and exceptional service to each customer no matter the size.  We start our process with 5 base options.  The first is an ad-hoc approach where you as the customer only get charged for the work we do.  We then have 3 different user packages and 1 server package.  Our user options are bronze, silver and gold.  Our bronze service is support only, silver comes with support and antivirus and gold has support, antivirus and management/monitoring.  Once a base offering is chosen, we then have a range of additional services that can be bolted on, such as office 365 licensing, web filtering and security and awareness training.

Before discussing our server support package, we would like to clarify the monitoring of devices.  The application allows us to monitor each device for potential problems that can occur prior to a major issue, it does not alert us to everything you do on your machine, such as the unicorn costume you bought for the stag party this weekend, but FYI a flamingo costume stands out far more.

Our server support package covers the maintenance and welfare of your server with assistance from our monitoring/management application, which reports on any errors as well as update the device for security purposes.  Any issues found by the application will notify us and raise a ticket, so we can jump on any problems before you are even aware.

If you are looking for more than just IT support and want a company that will evolve with yours, then take the first step and get in contact.