Cloud Computing and IT Support

Cloud Computing is believed to be a new form of magic that IT wizards have created, where data is converted in such a way that it can be stored in physical clouds in the sky, but unfortunately the reality is a lot more boring.

The cloud as we have come to know it is nothing that hasn’t existed for many years, but due to advancements in technology and an increase in internet speed, thanks to the reduced cost of fibre cabling, more users than ever before are able to take advantage of their equipment and data being stored elsewhere but accessed from everywhere.  Even home users can benefit from the cloud with services such as google drive or dropbox, where precious data can be stored in a secure location just in case the computer gremlins were to come a knocking.

All this supposed magic is actually just physical equipment stored in another location not clouds that require the weather men to navigate them when you need to access your data.

Two of the biggest entities in this field are Microsoft with their Azure and office 365 platforms, and Amazon with their AWS platform.  Other options are datacentres that offer virtual machines like azure or those that require the installation of physical equipment but use the datacentres infrastructure.

If after reading our brief introduction to cloud computing you would like to know how it could help revolutionise the way you work, then please give us a call to start your cloud journey.